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Structured Cabling

Despite the convenience of wireless networks, the volume of network data now being carried for multimedia, file-sharing, streaming video, IP security and other high-bandwidth applications creates a consistent demand for hard-wired ethernet cable solutions.

“Structured cabling” can utilise a number of high-bandwidth copper ethernet cables, from Category 5 (Cat 5) through Cat 6 to Cat 7, depending on the volume of data to be carried, the cabling distance and the specifications for suppression of crosstalk and system noise.

To ensure system optimisation, Scot-Tech Fire and Security provides a cable audit service for existing installations. This not only defines the optimum specification for a structured cable network but also identifies inefficient or redundant existing cabling which can interfere with future fault-finding.

We also supply, install and support structured cabling accessories, ranging from wall-mounted cabinets to multi-bay data server racks.

As well as data communication, structured Cat cabling can be used to carry high-bandwidth digital television signals for greater distances than conventional HDMI cable, enabling the centralisation and distribution of high-resolution television entertainment packages throughout even large buildings.