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Access Control

Electronic access control provides the most convenient and effective way to provide security for people and contents in a building. In particular, electronic access systems have a number of advantages over mechanical locks; no keys which can be lost or stolen, and no need for expensive and time-consuming lock and key replacement if security has been breached.

As an SSAIB* accredited contractor, Scot-Tech Fire and Security has extensive expertise in the design, provision, installation, commissioning and maintenance of access control systems, including IP-networked services to provide the highest standards of security.

Controlling access to a building is a critically important security measure, and we are always willing to provide objective advice on the appropriate level of protection provided by different systems. Audio personnel entry systems, for example, may provide sufficient control for low-risk single office applications, while full-colour video cameras enhance the security of high-value content premises.

Scot-Tech Fire and Security provides a comprehensive preventative maintenance package to check and test all access-controlled doors, including testing for manual emergency evacuation.

* Security Systems and Alarms Inspection Board