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Wireless and Broadband

One of the most critical elements in any IT system is its network infrastructure. Companies, organisations and households of all sizes rely on data networks that are high-speed, reliable and secure.

Increasingly, these networks have to carry ever-increasing volumes of data and voice signals over longer distances, often with requirements for easy expandability and integration with mobile devices.

Scot-Tech Fire and Security designs and installs robust network structures capable of carrying high volumes of current and anticipated future data and voice traffic.

We use the three main data network technologies – copper broadband, wireless and fibre-optic – either individually or in combination to install cost-effective, flexible and secure systems within new or existing buildings. For more remote locations, we can also install satellite broadband as a cost-effective option.

Our comprehensive cabling service ranges from audits of existing data networks through planning, design, installation, testing and maintenance of new systems.

Wireless networks (wifi)

Wireless network data communication systems (wifi) are increasingly popular for a number of reasons.

They are easy to install, with a minimum of disruption, whether for single or multi-site installations. They can be readily expanded or upgraded, offer reliable and secure high-speed voice and data transmission, encourage mobility and flexibility and provide convenient internet access hotspots for guests and visitors.

Wireless networks are a cost-effective installation, and can be easily transferred to another location if a company moves premises.

Scot-Tech Fire and Security has extensive experience in installing wireless systems, both as standalone systems and integrated with other network components.

We have installed wifi systems in domestic households, luxury hotels, large office complexes and multiple location developments. For extended reach applications, we can integrate wifi with long-distance radio links.