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CCTV Systems

Closed-circuit television (CCTV) is an extremely effective deterrent for attempted crime. Scot-Tech Fire and Security is a leading supplier and installer of domestic and commercial CCTV systems to monitor internal and external areas and we also provide in-vehicle and static CCTV systems for Police Scotland and ATEX-approved CCTV installations for offshore use.

Building on our expertise in conventional analogue CCTV systems, we are leading designers and installers of IP-CCTV (Internet Protocol) systems, also known as network surveillance systems.

IP CCTV provides superior megapixel image quality (suitable for police evidence) transmitted as data over high-bandwidth network infrastructures (cable, fibre-optic or wifi). This enables high-resolution, reliable, multi-camera, multi-site monitoring (live viewing and recording) of premises from remote workstations or mobile handsets anywhere in the world.

CCTV support services

As an SSAIB* accredited installer, we provide a full design, installation and commissioning service for CCTV and IPCCTV systems.

We also service CCTV systems of any age, and provide a full 24/7 on-call back-up package on all systems.

To ensure consistently high-quality surveillance, we provide a full preventative maintenance package to test and clean cameras, and check recording quality and data retention.

We also offer monitored CCTV systems, so that, in the event of activation, our Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) can broadcast across a PA system to inform intruders that they are being recorded on CCTV and that security personnel have been summoned to the premises. The ARC also works with police should an incident occur.

We design bespoke commercial CCTV systems for all applications, incorporating 3G, 4G, wireless, and cameras with infra-red lighting for enhanced nighttime viewing as required.


We have designed and built a rapid deployment 4G mobile CCTV Camera more info can be found at

* Security Systems and Alarms Inspection Board