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GDPR / Data Controller Customer Schedule

In order for the Service Provider to provide Services and for the customer to receive services from Scot-Tech Fire and Security we will disclose certain personal data about its customers, potential customers or employees and the parties will each process such personal data as controllers in common (Whereby “processing”, “personal data” and “controller” shall each have the respective meaning given to the term in GDPR).

Scot-Tech Fire and Security will be under obligation to process the Personal Data in accordance with the requirements of the GDPR and related legislation.

The Service Provider acknowledged that, under the GDPR, it has an obligation to ensure that the Personal Data is (i) adequate, relevant, and limited to what is necessary for Scot-Tech Fire and Security to provide the services and (ii) accurate and, where necessary, kept up to date.

Scot-Tech Fire and Security has in place adequate technical and organisational measures to ensure that personal data is safeguarded.

Scot-Tech Fire and Security should securely dispose of any data / equipment which is no longer required as set out per our retention policy.