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Home Entertainment

Case study: integrated domestic video entertainment and security systems

Unobtrusive high-capacity cabling offers households and businesses new possibilities in entertainment system distribution and control, with high-resolution television, DVD and hifi audio available on demand in every room if required.

Aberdeen Technical Systems recently designed and installed an integrated, centralised TV/audio entertainment and CCTV system in a large luxury family home in Aberdeen.

The family wanted to network nine remotely-controlled, wall-mounted televisions, with double Sky+ and terrestrial channels, together with ceiling-mounted audio speakers, Blu-ray DVD, sound system, PlayStation and CCTV security video.

We designed and installed a centralised control matrix, using Cat6e cables with HDMI converters to give full HDMI picture quality in every location and using CT100 cables for terrestrial signals. Sky+ and other control boxes were also built-in and concealed.

The family now enjoys high-quality television, audio and DVD entertainment distributed throughout the home, with a centralised control installation which can be conveniently accessed for easy maintenance and future upgrading.